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Kelsi Creek T-Shirt

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 I was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to a family of Native American and Louisianan background. I first discovered my love for music when I was in middle school, with violin being the first instrument I ever learned to play. I only switched to guitar because my strings teacher decided he wanted the class to learn to play the blues for the Baton Rouge Blues Festival. I fell in love immediately, and as a result, continued teaching myself guitar.

I wrote my first song when I was a freshman in high school. My sophomore year, I first sang publicly at my school’s talent show thanks to my friend Kim, who really pushed me to share my music with everyone. The music I was creating by my senior year of high school was heavily influenced by pop and hip hop, and by that time my talent show performance won first place (despite my being nervous and fearful of embarrassing myself).  

Feeling most alive creating and performing, I knew I had found a calling in music. After graduating from high school, I continued writing music and would play shows every now and then back in Louisiana. I later began collaborating with various producers and artists, honing in on my sound and style through the years. 

I eventually wrote for producer Bangladesh in Atlanta, Georgia, resulting in the writing of one of my original songs – Melody. 

From there, in 2018, I started traveling across the United States out of my Honda CRV, playing shows all across the country. Wherever I could book a set or find an open mic, I played. In that time, I played over 200 acoustic solo shows across the United States and collaborated with many great artists as a result. After the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, I settled in Austin, Texas and set out to pursue music full time there, booking shows around Austin, Houston and Dallas, Texas. 

The roots of my recent originals feature an unconventional marriage of pop structure, soul vocals, and rock influences. My rhythmic style of playing, powerful emotive vocals, and catchy lyrics are what I attribute my growth and recognition as an artist to most. I try to write music that feels vulnerable and heartfelt while still evoking a fun and upbeat vibe. This description of my work is best demonstrated both in my EP "Becoming," which was released on all music streaming platforms in October 2022, and during any given live performance. 

I recently started working with a drummer and have been expanding my sound beyond the traditional acoustic to that of an indie pop/alternative rock duo. With this new dynamic that I am exploring in my sound, I am extremely excited at the potential of expanding my listenership while booking shows with larger, more band-oriented venues. Above all, I look forward to continuing to share my music as it continues to grow and evolve with me as an artist. 

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